• Vinegar is obtained through the alcoholic fermentation of water, honey and pollen treated with acetone in a handicraft process.
  • Bees build hexagonal cells which share common walls, having as a result a structure known as wax honeycomb.
  • Display in different ways and containers of your choice for products of our catalogue. For gifts to Companies and sales promotion.
  • Nourishing, water resisting and smoothens the leather surface. Preventing the formation of cracks, dryness of the leather, leaving them soft. Also capable of being shaped, bent or drawn out.
  • Relaxing cream which keeps muscle calm. Of epitoxin type.
    Research has proven the relaxing and curing properties of this product.
  • Orange nectar of good taste and quality. Has all the natural properties of honey and Buleo Miel royal jelly.It’s made in crystal jar of 1 litre.